Baking was not on my to-do list today. I went to bed late expecting to get up later than usual and spend the day lazing around with my new book. It’s a paperback I picked up from a Friends in Hope book sale. The NGO holds a regular charity sale at Phoenix Les Halles and has a wide range of books at interesting prices. I got an old edition of What to Expect – The First Year for only Rs75! Why don’t you check if they have smthing for you?

Well I never got to start on the book. Not until well past breakfast. On waking up I was greeted by a large bowl of lumpy batter sitting on my kitchen counter. Seems that smone did not get his/her pancake mixture quite right. I was asked by the rest of the family if I could somehow rescue the remaining batter. Terribly hard task given I had no clue what was already present in the mixture.

The end result of the original ‘pancake’ mixture was so disastrous that I was not allowed to post it here :S Just to give you an idea, the first few attempts had the apparently ok-looking batter stuck fast to the hot HEAVILY GREASED NON STICK girdle. I decided not to waste what was left of it and ruled out the idea of proceeding further with pancakes.

I wondered if I could smhow convert them into muffins. Banana muffins are a favourite of mine especially at breakfast. I love them with a moist crumb and a faint hint of cinnamon. I could not see how I could whip up the soupy mixture into nice, fluffy muffins. Or nice, fluffy anything :S

At last I mashed in a left-over banana, mixed in an extra 1/2 cup of SR Flour and 2 tbs yoghurt + 1 tbs golden syrup to get a good dropping consistency. This I spooned into a muffin pan lined with foil cups. I added a sprinkling of sesame seeds on top and popped them in the oven to bake at 1500C.

This is how they turned out after being baked for 1/2 hour. Not bad eh? I really like the mushroom look.  They were something of a cross between a floury scone and a quick bread. More like a soft chewy bun. Guess they can be improved with a raspberry or apricot jam filling. Or simply a dash of PB!

This is the story of how breakfast pancakes ended up as mini buns for afternoon tea on a rainy Monday 😉 

Btw I wish to congratulate all those who passed their Higher School Certificate Exam. You can go through the list of laureates on Watch out for the detailed list in tomorrow’s papers.