The 6th edition of the China Town Food & Cultural Festival was held a couple of weeks back [10th & 11th April]. The annual event was a wonderful opportunity for me to discover this area of Port Louis that has been home to the chinese community ever since the first chinese immigrants landed on our island decades ago.

The festival organised by the  Chinese Chamber of Commerce attracts hundreds of Mauritians and tourists every year who come to sample chinese delicacies or watch the colourful dragons and lions that roam the streets to ward off evil spirits. A great way to get acquainted with the cultural and historical landmarks that this little chinese quarter has witnessed so far.

Of course, the first thing that caught my eye was food. Several food stalls had been set up at various locations for visitors who wanted to give street food a try. Shops and restaurants extended their opening hours well into the night with special menus at discounted prices. Noodles/chow mein and dim sum/boulette stalls seemed to be most successful though more obscure dishes were available for those daring enough to subject their taste buds to more exotic tastes.

Those with a sweet tooth could stuff themselves sick with a variety of traditional chinese cakes and sweets. Gato Lacire/ Nian Gao or steamed glutinous rice cakes and gato sesame were among the most popular ones. I saw [and tasted] many others but I dnt know or remember the names.
The one that struck me as really awesome was a steamed egg cake from one of the small tabagies I came across towards the end. I guess they use the same technique as for steamed rice cakes to create the light and soft texture. I have not experimented with this yet so I dunno for sure.
I’ll end with random pics I took of the food and cultural festival.  See you at the next China Town festival in 2011!
Stuffed with peanut filling
Gato Sesame/Zinzli
Gato Lacire
Gato Arouille
Chicken Drumsticks
China Town on a Sunday – 15:00
Chinese lanterns brighten the streets of China Town
Traditional Dragon & Lion Dance by a local troupe
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