Warm Nutella crêpes with fresh strawberries and toasted almonds… if only I could wake up to this on every cold winter morning!



2 large eggs, room temperature

3 tablespoons butter, melted

1 1/4 cup full cream milk

1 cup all purpose flour

3 tablespoons sugar

Nutella hazelnut spread

200g fresh strawberries

50g almond flakes, toasted


  • In a medium sized bowl, combine eggs, melted butter, milk, water, flour and sugar. Whisk together until well combined.
  • Refrigerate the mixture for about 30 minutes to allow bubbles to settle. Preheat a medium frying pan over medium heat.

  • Transfer the mixture to a measuring cup. It should be almost 2 cups worth of batter. Grease the frying pan lightly with oil.
  • Once the pan is hot, pour 1/4 cup of batter into the pan. Immediately roll the pan in a circular motion to thin out the crêpe.

  • Crêpes should be very thin, not thick like a pancake. Cook the crêpe for about a minute to a minute and twenty seconds.
  • Then flip it over with a spatula. The crêpe should be a light golden brown before flipping, if not, give it a little more time.

  • Once flipped, cook for another minute and transfer to a serving plate. Repeat the process until you run out of crêpe batter.
  • Spray the pan each time before pouring batter for a new crêpe. Allow crêpes to cool slightly before spreading with Nutella.

  • Fold into quarters and spread a thin layer of Nutella over one quarter. Add a few thinly sliced strawberries over the Nutella.
  • Fold it up again, top with almond flakes and drizzle with some more Nutella. Repeat the process for each crêpe. Makes 15.

Strawberry Nutella Crêpes