Milkshake is a summer thing. It is described in Adam Reid’s Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes as “the sweet frosty amalgams of ice cream, milk, syrup, and pure joy loved by young and old and everyone in between”. You absolutely need to have a couple of decent milkshake recipes in your repertoire to brave this scorching summer heat and this brilliant concoction from David Lebovitz‘s blog delivers more than a simple iced beverage. It is a rough representation of the famous Gâteau de l’Opéra in a glass, with the subtle underscores of coffee and almond, blending with the rich taste of what might remind you of a luscious chocolate ganache. I think it should get the “I-Love-You” message across without having to try too hard!



1/2 cup (125ml) cold whole or low-fat milk

2 ½ teaspoons instant espresso powder

1/2 teaspoon pure almond extract

4 medium scoops French vanilla ice cream

4 medium scoops chocolate sorbet


  • Place milk, espresso powder and almond extract in a blender. Blend to mix thoroughly for 15 seconds.

  • Add the slightly-softened ice cream and sorbet and pulse several times to begin breaking the scoops up.

  • With the blender motor off, use a flexible spatula to mash the mixture down onto the blender blades.

  • Continue pulsing, stopping, and mashing until mixture is well blended and moves easily in blender jar.

  • Pour the milkshake into chilled glasses and serve it immediately. Makes about three 250ml servings.