3 cups cooked basmati rice

1 cup boneless chicken, diced

2 medium carrots

1 handful french beans

1 small tin of mushrooms

1 large starchy potato, diced

1/2 cup sweet corn kernels, drained

1 bunch of brede tom pouce

1/4 of a fresh cabbage, chopped

2 large eggs, lightly beaten

15 large prawns, deveined

2 tablespoons dark mushroom sauce

3 tablespoon oyster sauce

3 tablespoons garlic paste

Vegetable oil, for frying

Salt & Pepper, to taste

1 bunch spring onions, chopped

1 bunch queue d’ail, chopped


  • Season chicken with salt and pepper. Cook in a large pan in its own steam for 20-30 minutes until tender.

  • Dice carrots into 1/2 cm cubes and chop french beans into slivers. Drain the mushrooms and slice thinly.

  • Wash brede tom pouce and the cabbage well under running water and chop them roughly. Set this aside.

  • Leave the rice to soak in a large bowl of water while preparing the vegetables. Set water to boil in a pan.

  • In a wok or frying pan, lightly sauté the carrots and the french beans. Next sauté the sliced mushrooms.

  • Fry the potato cubes until golden and slightly crisp. Next fry the eggs and cut them into thin long strips.

  • Stir fry the prawns until cooked. Sauté the brede tom pouce and cabbage for 1 minute till no longer raw.

  • Cook rice over medium heat for 20-25 minutes until firm but not sticky. Drain well, fluff with a spoon.

  • In a large bowl combine vegetables, chicken, egg and prawns and season to taste with salt and pepper.

  • Sauté the garlic paste in 1/4 cup vegetable oil in a wok. Add rice, dark mushroom sauce and oyster sauce.

  • Fry rice tossing regularly till uniform in colour. Add vegetables, chicken, egg and prawns and toss again.

  • Garnish with chopped queue d’ail and spring onion and serve hot with garlic sauce and green chili paste.

Mauritian Fried Rice