This October, Nestlé is running a 21-Day Breakfast Challenge to promote their products as well as to encourage people to invest more time and effort in making breakfast part of their morning routine. Nestlé products should feature in the selfies posted on their Facebook album. Though I am not into this selfie madness, I was fueled by the excitement of a new challenge and decided to tackle it in my own way: To bake the 21 breakfast recipes in the Nestle recipe book and post one recipe per day on my blog.


Probably my favorite challenge recipe so far, this Nestum Milo smoothie combines the two Nestle products I love most in a single nutritious breakfast beverage that takes less than 5 minutes to blend together. Nothing like the chocolate milkshake I was expecting, this smoothie has a lovely balance between the unique flavors of Nestum and Milo and provides the perfect energy boost for those who claim not to have time to sit down for breakfast.



3 tablespoons Nestum cereal

2 tablespoons Milo powder

1 teaspoon muscovado sugar

1 1/2 cups full cream milk, chilled

Extra Milo powder, for topping


  • Place all ingredients in a blender and mix everything together until smooth.

  • Pour into tall serving glass and top with extra Milo powder. Makes 1 serving.

Nestum & Milo Breakfast Smoothie